Tuesday, July 19, 2016


This last week was kinda crazy. My companion went home and my area is about 7 hours by bus from the mission home. Because of him going home he had a bunch of meetings, interviews and stuff so this last week I stayed in a trio with the other 2 elders in my area! It was good I was able to find a lot of super good people with them. I can tell that God has a plan for everything though because I was also able to get to know all of their investigators. The transfer call came and it turns out me and my new companion Elder Lira will be the only ones in this area now so it was super good that I was get to know their investigators. We have a little problem though because now we have a ton of investigators and our area is freaking HUGE!!! For example: There were 2 people that found the church on the church site and have been being taught via chat on the Mormon.org site, they live 2 hours by car from the chapel! They woke up super early just to come to church though! They are super elect! The only problem is that there is no way we have to go to teach them because of the distance but there is no other missionaries that live closer to teach them! That is the problem here in the boonies here in Brazil!

We are teaching a huge family that are super awesome. We were teaching them throughout this whole last week and they are super elect! Everything was ok for them to go to church then we get there Sunday morning and it turned out that they were robed and one of the ladies that lives there woke up because she heard him and he whacked her with a brick causing her eye to fall out and breaking all that part around the eye. Because of that they went to the closest hospital that is 3 hours away!!! What I still find amazing is that when we got there without knowing any of this 2 of her kids stayed and when we got there they were totally ready to go to church! Even with this total valid excuse to not go they still went. I was very moved by their faith!

Gabriel who was baptized this last week is preparing to get the Aaronic priesthood, he is super great!

So today was my birthday, for my birthday we made some pretty awesome french toast! It was really really good! Some members made me some cake and that's about it. Feels like a pretty normal day to me. I miss being 12 having a birthday, that was a lot of fun!

Well that's all I got for today, love you all, have a great week!

Cool selfie

filthy river in my area

us at a recent converts restaurant

burning trash

oops took the picture to soon
With elder roberts at campinus temple

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