Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Here's what happened this last week

Here's what happened this last week

Tuesday and Wednesday
So Tuesday was kinda crazy! After lunch I did a division with Elder Roberts because he had to go to the hospital in Sorocaba and I know that city super well! So we worked until about 5:00 then we ran to get the bus to Sorocaba. We got there at about 9:00 and went to an Elder's house there and slept the night. We woke up super early and went to the doctor's appointment, everything went ok but they weren't able to help him so practically it was just a big waste of time and money! We went to the terminal to buy a bus pass back and their card machine wasn't working so we had to go and walk super far to find a bank so I could take money out. By the time we got back all of the seats on the bus were already taken!!! I was pretty dang mad. So we waited there for a while and finally were able to get the bus. We got back at about 5:30 then went and visited a couple of our investigators. We found that one of the families that we were teaching got super moley all of them except for their son that is super firm. His name is Gabriel.

We went and taught Gabriel and he is super cool. He read all the lessons alone and was asking a ton of super great questions! Also it was super funny he asked us how he could become prophet! haha We explained that his focus right now should be on being baptized and then a missionary and after God will do his will with him. He is super firm to be baptized this weekend! He took us to his cousins house that went to church this last Sunday with him and he is also super firm! He lives alone with his dad but his dad is a drunk and doesn't want anything but he authorized us to teach and baptize him so that is cool! His name is Luan and he has a twin brother Lucas, they all are 13 years old! We also taught this woman named Letisia that went to church this last week! She is super fun! She is a little scared to be baptized but she understands the gospel really well. She also has 2 kids that we are teaching as well. They have a date to be baptized the 17th, pray that it will work out! 

There are some Americans that came to our ward to visit, it was really fun, we had dinner instead of lunch on Friday with them. It was pretty fun we had Brazilian churrasco!!! On Saturday we followed up with all of our investigators and then at night we went into the boonies of the city and had a family home evening with a super rich member! It was sooo cool because we could see the stars so well!!! WOW they are so amazing here!!! We talked to a bunch of friends that they invited and had another churrasco!!! 

Yeah so Gabriel, Luan, and Lucas came to church and Gabriel and Luan were super excited to be baptized! Lucas couldn't be baptized because it was his first time going to church so he can't. At church we found out that their aunt and uncle are members and I didn't even know. So it was super cool and they helped out a lot! The baptism was super cool. My companion baptized them both because he will be going home here this next week.

Today we did some more slack line and it was pretty dang fun! I love doing slack line! 

well that's all, thanks for all the prayers!


Photos of the baptism!

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