Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First official letter from Elder Messick!
 Beware, no punctuation!
hey real quick i can't add any email addresses in the mtc they block that website for some reason
food here is very strange i break the word of wisdom every day because there is so much meat and it is nothing like i have ever really tasted it is good though the fruit and fruit drinks here are soooooo freaking good i did get a little bug from eating something one day but it passed really quick they make all their food look so fancy here it is funny you don't get that much food so that sucks but i guess you get as much fruit rice and beans here so there is that. the beans they have here are scary though the first day i was here i found a bunch of bones that wasn't that bad but some other kid found a hoof i now know that i just have to take from the top of the pot and it is safe. the desserts here are the worst part honestly oh wait no this stuff that looked like cow balls was disgusting i later found out it was haggis that is a stomach stuffed with sausage material it was probably the worst thing i have ever had. oh and you have to be careful eating everything because it all has way hard stuff in it so you have to chew carefully. 
my companion is a cool kid he is really short though. he is very quiet most of the time which is kinda annoying but whatever he is a very nice kid
the ctm (mtc)
i am loving the CTM so far it is kinda scary though because no one here speaks English i say stuff in Spanish and they usually get what i am saying and correct me so that helps a ton. about half of the day is just sitting around as a district without a teacher and we don't get much done during that which is a bummer. i can already understand the language way well though which is awesome. i can't say much but i am learning way fast. our district leader is not very good though he is so dirty and annoying so we can never really feel the spirit and then he says oh we need to do better but he is the one being so stupid so it gets annoying. oh and the total number of missionaries is about half of the missionary choir that sung during priesthood session yeah there aren't many people here. to get to my room i have to go up 7 flights of stairs and i have to do that about 12 times a day so that is starting to get really annoying
i went to the temple today it was so cool it was very small but is was a very great experience i have a bunch of pictures that i want to send you guys but the computers won't let us here so sorry about that.
these showers are always filled with bugs so it is kinda gross but they get the job done and they take forever to change temperature so it is either super hot or cold
drinking fountains
the drinking fountains here are weird they have fria y normal cold and normal buttons you can push i don't understand why they have normal but whatever.
i love Brazil it is so green. it is kinda humid but i don't constantly sweat anymore only when i work out. the houses here are so cool looking today we were driving on the always busy freeway and it is odd there are people just selling stuff to cars on the freeway and there are a tone of crappy wood houses that the homeless live in. oh you know rouss's from the princess bride yeah they are real. there is a acid river here that all the sewage goes into and they live in the river they are huge rats and apparently they are way mean as well. i haven't walked around the city yet i am going to do that as soon as i am done with this email
i like to sit with Brazilians during meals to learn and practice Portuguese but my companion doesn't so we do usually once a day i wish i could more because that helps me a ton. stuff is cheap here but then there is random stuff here that is so freaking expensive. overall i am having a great experience here and it is crazy that i have already been here for 8 days time flies.
the only time i have really missed friends and family is at conference i saw some of my friends singing in priesthood session and it made me miss dylan and kenzie my friends a little. oh and i also  missed my family yeah. no i really do miss you guys but i am too busy to really think about it
 well i am out of time love you all i will email you next week

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