Wednesday, October 15, 2014


well it is crazy i am already a third of the way done (in MTC) this week has flown by. i am having a blast which probably isn't a good thing but i am learning a lot still so i guess it is fine. in Brazil they have the coolest ties ever and they are only about 5 USD so that is awesome i love the design of them. on Friday we celebrated day of the kids by eating an American BBQ for lunch and dinner it was awesome to finally have American food even though it kinda sucks.. oh they do have BBQ sauce here so that made my whole week. people in the city tried talking to me they speak so fast and mumble everything and they use different words it was scary. some beggar was asking for money and i totally understood what he was saying but i just said nao fale Portuguese so he just moved on i am so clever hehe. i had to run out of sacrament meeting on Sunday to throw up which was kinda terrible. i was so sick on Sunday it was so miserable. i am getting pro at volleyball so they better watch out in two years at bare lake. they have us memorize so much here it is so hard i suck at memorizing. every missionary meeting we sing about 20 hinos it is so many but i have noticed that it actually helps so whatever. some kid on my floor brought a ton of magic tricks it is fun to go to his room. i was passed the honerary guatnara bottel which is this 4 liter bottle of some Brazilian soda that i now take a swig out of and pass it to my favorite person when i leave it is gross but fun so whatever. our driver today to the temple today only hit one car so that is good. nothing happened the other car didn't even stop it happens so much here other cars on the road are about 3 inches away from you so right when we open the window the driver always says don't put your arm out the window or else you will loose it. it is funny at the temple today we got to fold laundry before so that was kinda a neat experience. i am loving it here in the mtc but this last week we lost about 70 missionaries and only got 3 so now at meals there is no one. if i were to guess i would guess there are only 200 missionaries here total in the mtc and 50 Americans. all of the friends i make just leave so i decided i am just not going to talk to anyone anymore. no just kidding but it does kinda suck. this one teacher came and yelled at us saying we should not have fun in the mtc this is a place to learn not to laugh and have fun. i told him we are learning and that we also have fun while doing it in perfect Portuguese and he just got mad at me. i don't like him very much but oh well what can you do. it' s a good thing he isn't my teacher. mesh garments here are so nice just sayin they know how to make them. American ones suck. it's funny so much stuff is super cheap then you find a temple recommend holder and they charge 8 USD for it. it is odd. i love the people in my district. in my room we are so close it makes the mtc so much funner and now that they finally agreed to obey the rule and go to bed we are even closer. other than the stairs of enfierno i love it here in the mtc the workers are all not Mormon so it is fun to talk to them. they love the missionaries but we can't talk to them about the gospel

 it is so hot here in Brazil and it is just so humid as well. i now only sweat after and during my physical activity so that is good i guess it is progress

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