Wednesday, October 22, 2014

oh brazil!

 "I actually miss my family"

ok i am going to be all over the place this email but oh well deal with it or don't read it. we got two new roommates one from Brazil one from Peru i love having them in my room because every night i can practice on them and ask them questions. it is an answer to my prayers. i have been wanting someone like them to talk to. he is a freaking cool kid also. i love them. it is funny before every night the Brazilian says i love you to each of us culture is weird here. everyone in Brazil brushes their teeth about 6 times a day it is crazy they are so clean. we go proselyting on Friday that should be fun i am nervous but i have only heard good stuff about it we get to go into the big city for that where all of the skyscrapers are. sometimes people from school call me Cameron on accident it sounds so weird now, i am elder Messick. some guy across the hall from me is from some weird place (i don't remember sorry) they drink this water hay tea stuff. i drank some it was so bad tasting and no it's not tea i just call it that. i actually miss my family. it is odd i never thought i would. i am being all spiritual and such and that makes me wish i would have treated you all a whole lot better. the spirit is so crazy important. we do this practice teaching stuff called TRC it is way hard because i don't speak well but i have started thinking of them as real people who need help and the spirit is so much stronger and i just know what to say. i have about 4 lessons a day and i can tell the difference when the spirit is there and not it is so necessary to teach these people. every Tuesday is our service day. all the janitors love me they say oh you are sooooo tall i want you to come work in my area. i like having them fight over me... Brazilian women are so flirtatious it is crazy even the older ones. if you talk to them first holly crap you can't keep them away it is not good for the mtc but i know where i am coming in 2 years. no jk. i am one of the only ones who hasn't got a letter from my family so thanks for giving me that title i always get so excited when we check the mail but only for disappointment...... last p day we went to a place like Rodezio but actually Brazilian it was only about 10 USD it was so freaking good i love the food here. every morning i wake up with about 3 new bug bites it is kinda annoying but whatever i guess that's the price to pay to be in Brazil. i like that i am starting to be confident in Portuguese because i can be friends with the Brazilians everyone in my district always asks me how to say stuff i like being able to speak well. every night our district has about 30 min of whatever time i think we have quoted nacho libre and hot rod and taledaga nights all the way through a couple times, that's how we watch our movies. i went to a Portuguese temple session it was so cool i loved to be able to understand everything they were saying and be able to speak it as well. i love the gift of tongues. Brazil is in a huge drought. their water reserve it at 3 percent so there is no water pressure so everyone pray for rain. it is a little scary they say if it goes to 0 they might send us to a different mission out of Sao Paulo until it gets back up. we go proselyting on Friday i am so excited for that i hear it is the best experience ever so i really hope i will be able to do good at that. to help speak only Portuguese in my classroom every English word you speak is one push up so i am probably going to get really strong. Riley you better watch it. my 6 pack is here i would like that i could send a pic for Riley like he would for me, but i may get in trouble for that... i don't have much else to say and still have 15 min left wow. it is crazy only 3 weeks left it feels like forever away but also like i just got here. my journal is almost full already i think that is my most prized possession. i never pictured a mission to be like this but i love every minute of it except for 4 minutes on monday no jk i don't know i am just rambling on now.

(A note from Riley's mom)

I guess the Dear Elder letters I have sent him don't count because they don't go to his mailbox.
So Here is Cameron's address at the MTC if anyone wants to help him no longer be the boy without a letter

MTC Address
Elder Cameron Allen Messick
mailbox 4 district 40A
Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission
Brazil Missionary Training Center
Rua Padre Antonio D’Angelo, 121
Casa Verde
02516-040 Sao Paulo – SP

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