Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

look how tan that handsome young man is!

This email won´t be very long today so sorry in advance for that. I had huge miracle this last week. We have two people that have been going to church for the last like 8 years. We are meeting with both of them, one we were able to talk him into baptism this saturday. All of his family are members his sons are doing the baptism and confirmation. The family loves us now. I like to talk to members and just be nice to them for a lot of reasons. They give you references and they give you food and stuff. An embarrassing moment i had was some guy gave me a card during sacrament meeting and i opened it and it started playing music super loud... It was good though because it woke everyone including me up so i guess it was a blessing?
It is super weird to think christmas is almost here, it doesn´t feel like it at all! The only difference it makes is because everyone where we live is rich they are all gone. We have had so many people say oh I really am interested in you guys but I am so busy, we have a ton of dates marked in like 3 weeks...
so some guy we are teaching is living with a less active lady and has kids and everything. He wants to get baptised but can´t because he isn´t married but the only problem is she is married but not divorced and they are very poor. We found a member lawyer that said she would do it cheap we marked his baptism for jan 31st i know super far away. I have never set up a divorce before it is weird. Here on i mission i feel like a marriage concealer the only problem is I have never had any experiance with that so all i go off is what i seen of my parents and it seems to work pretty well. So good job mom and dad. well sorry this email is so short today. love ya all have a great week!
an awesome fruit that grows here!

Just a look out my window

brazilians plants...grown to kill

a bar where i flirt/ be nice to the 80 year old owner so she gives me food for free

we went to a graveyard, they are all above ground and super fancy, even the poor ones are super fancy!

My babe

random chicken things


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