Monday, December 15, 2014

This last week was amazing! It was just full of miracles!

So first off sorry i don´t have any pictures for you all today, I forgot my camera at the house today. This last week was amazing! It was just full of miracles! I didn´t get to go to the zoo today which kinda sucked. It is only open on holidays and saturdays for some reason, so i guess i won´t get to go to this one.

Monday: in reality on mondays not a lot happens. We set up a FHE with a less active family and it went so well! The mom, the daughter and the boyfriend were there. We did a lesson with our ties about prayer, did an awesome game and it was just so dang spiritual and amazing! The daughter and her boyfriend are not members. the BF said he was very interested in our church so we got his info but it wasn´t in our area, so that sucked but we set up a couple new appointments with him and the daughter at her house. 

Tuesday: we had a party kinda thing for the last district meeting with this district. We had food and signed everyones journal thing, it kinda felt like yearbook day now that i look back on it. We then later on in the day had like 3 people fall through so we were thinking what to do and this guy walked past and i said lets follow him. We did for quite some time and i was like lets stop here. he then after we stopped went into a house up the street, my companion was like why did we follow him and i said i don´t know lets just knock doors to his house. Every single house from where we were to his house lived freaking awesome people that we are now teaching. in one of the houses they had a catholic women night party thing and we went in and there was like 19 ladies and we showed the ele e o presente video and we are meeting with 6 of them next week! It is crazy how stuff like this happens.

Wednesday: so we have 2 district leaders and one is my companion you know, yeah the other one got released until transfers because he is an idiot, so all day wednesday we were doing interviews i spent like $20 on the bus alone, it is good i guess that we are getting that many baptisms.

Thursday: so again we taught some of the people we met on Tuesday and they are so wonderful i hope so much that they will stay strong. The rest of the day we did interviews for baptisms...

Sexta: we had a ward natal party on friday and it was so not planned so they were like here missionaries bs it. we did and it was so great. It turned out being super spiritual and we played some game that you hold an animal on your forehead without knowing what it is and you have to go find the person with the matching animal. they also had a ton of leftover food from it which we took home. the next day it was gone... the brazilian kid eats so much... he left the bag of salad for us i guess that was nice 

Sabado: we did half day splits. during splits i went with someone that is getting sent home the next plane ride available and it sucked he was just an idiot. he would just tell people the stupidest stuff so rather then make a bad name for missionaries we just went to the house and i read the book of mormon. it was so annoying!

And every one of these days except for tuesday it constantly has rained like non-stop even at night it makes it really hard to want to go outside in the mornings. It only just stopped yesterday afternoon. I was 100 percent wet just always. i just got used to it. I was in the rain so long my fingers got waterlogged it was ridiculous. I am not getting transferred I am happy because of that everything is staying the same but elder noleto the Brazilian that lives with us is getting replaced by an american so now i will be living with 4 americans... my Portuguese is going to go downhill fast.

Translations by Riley:

fyi to all reading this, ele e o presente means "he is the gift"
also "natal" means Christmas

Questions and answers by Mom and Cameron:

questions from mom
What is your companions name again, from Arizona, right?
How much longer does he have?
Can you send more pictures
Why don't you have food at your place so you can eat dinner when you get home?
What is a typical day like
How many elders live with you and are you all on the same floor/apartment
Are you the only elders in your stake,
Favorite food
Scariest food
How often do you go to the mission home or for zone conferences.
Am I still your favorite?

Cameron's answers
His name is Elder (Nathan) Throckmorton yes from arizona
he has 4 more months
well i don´t take a lot of pictures to send... sorry
don´t have food because i don´t have money they only give us 100R and i use that all on the bus
typical day is after lunch apt. go out tracting for 1 hour then appointments with investigators all day
there are a total of 4 elders with me and yes all on the same floor and only one house per floor
us 4 no it is 4 per ward here 
favorite food i don´t know it´s all the same
they always have like throats of animals and gross stuff in bean soup
never have gone to the mission home it is super far away
i can´t answer that last question mom don´t want to cause contention but really what do you think

Mom: obviously I am his favorite

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