Monday, December 8, 2014


Our freezer froze super hard last week so we had to scrape it out and i made a snowball and threw it at my companion...haha

This last week was crazy! We had a need for a lot of new investigators so we went tracting a ton. We found about 9 new solid investigators and 3 of them moved and 4 work every day for like 10 hours and the other 2 work every other day and this week they worked on Sunday. It is a little frustrating how hard a mission is at times but i just have to remember to learn and grow from all of my trials.
Being close to Christmas and all is awesome that i live around rich people because people like to give you candy, this has been a great blessing. If i eat like i did this last week every week i am going to get so fat. For example one of our investigators named recardo took us to get hamburgers for dinner and they were the biggest thing i have ever seen! It was like 1 kilo and that is not a joke, it was so hard to eat it all but i just want you to know that i did. This recardo guy is awesome, he is super hard to teach because he is actually smart but i feel he will be converted. We had a miracle with him though a member that used to be a catholic priest guy came with us to teach him and all of his questions he had he was able to answer with ease. You know missions are super hard but the lord always provides a way for you, you just have to look for it.
We were tracting and found this 7th day lady, she was like oh i have a book for you and she gave us her bible thing and we gave her a book of mormon. She said we should come back and teach her and she can teach us also. I don´t know if we will but i guess we will see. 
You know i really really wished I knew how to cook. It is always a bummer when the lunch gets canceled and all i know how to cook is noodles. So you were right mom i should have paid more attention when you were trying to teach me how to cook. This last week i bought a bunch of junk food. Junk food is nice here in brazil because it is so so cheap like in USA money like .30 for a thing of cookies, so yeah mom i am not eating very healthy. 
Another example of how amazing people are with giving me food, just now a man came up to us and said oh hey missionaries the only thing better then emailing on p-day is emailing on p-day with chocolate and he gave us chocolate. I love it! 
Well that is all I hope this email was better with periods and stuff I am trying to be better at that. Have a great yall!
i forgot the best part this last week i met an American! He is an Atheist. I am so glad i am in Brazil we taught a lesson in English and it is hard. You don´t have any excuses if you mess up. Also Americans are mean. I feel bad for anyone in United States Americans are a lot meaner at saying they don´t like you. Also i heard so many swear words in English it was so weird i haven't heard that for so long. so yeah that´s all.
stuff i like to drink
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