Monday, March 2, 2015

well another week I am lucky to be alive

wow look at that fancy knot

a bananna spider. almost the death of me

There is a spider that is very common here in Brazil known as the wandering spider also known as a banana spider. These things are usually just in the forest areas, but we were walking on this street right next to this huge forest and my companion suddenly says stop, sounding kinda nervous. Man it sucks to be tall. there was this huge web of this wandering spider right at my head length, him being short just walked right under it. Man I hate spiders. Later we were walking and there was one on my shoulder that kinda made me freak out like a little girl...we ended up seeing like 5 more huge webs of theirs on this street. Needless to say we just changed our path.

Well not a ton happened this last week because we got evicted out of our house. The owners of the house came and said the contract is up and you have until next Saturday to get out. Well that was fun so this last week we have been packing everything and taking everything apart in our house. They say the mission prepares you for life right, so i guess now I am prepared to be evicted. We are going to go live in the church office building for at least 2 months they say, It sucks because by bus that is like 30 min from our area. so that will throw a wrench in our work. 
Oh so we had interviews this last week and well i´m coming home, I guess I am just a fubeca. No jk they were awesome. our president just loves so much, you can feel it. it is the same feeling I got with the interviews for my mission.
So my mom informed me that I have been spelling baptize wrong. Man how embarrassing I am going to blame it on the fact that in port it is batismo and the s makes the z sound so it´s just how I think of it. I will probably keep on spelling it wrong I guess you will just have to deal with it. (mom has been correcting spelling when posting letters)

oh I just remembered, yesterday I decided to wear one of my long sleeve shirts that is all white and fancy for church. yeah so in my fancy white shirt a toucan pooped on me and toucan poop looks and stains just like grape juice. (it looks like that because they just eat açai). So that was a bummer it was so warm and just got all over. it made such a mess.

So the supermarket here thought it would be a great idea to hang a bunch of chocolate eggs from the ceiling for Easter. the only problem is they hang 6 feet from the ground and I am 6`6``. so to try and prove a point today I just walked with out bending over. all the workers say and said, oh we should probably hang those higher. Man those short Brazilians not thinking of us gringos. 
Well not a ton happened this last week because we have just been packing up the house most of the week so sorry I don´t have any amazing stories. But love you all and Just remember we are so blessed to be a part of this church!

I just love the view here in Brasil

oh I got the PB and it was awesome. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time in so long this morning. man those things are good

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