Monday, March 16, 2015

maybe pray for rain a little less...

Foto da Zona São Paulo Norte

Sao Paulo North Zone

Man we really need rain here because if we don´t double then Sao Paulo won´t have any more water in their reserve in 5 months but some days in the morning when I am feeling really lazy (every morning) and I don´t feel like taking my umbrella it really sucks. The rain isn´t the bad part, it´s the getting sick and never getting better part that starts to get annoying... no that´s all my fault, I need to stop being lazy.

So I kinda realized that I have never really told you about people that are progressing, I just kinda do a quick summary when they get baptized so sorry about that, we will see if I get better. I will just say what every Brazilian says, if God touches my heart I will. To that I usually like to say, if God touched your heart you would die so you probably shouldn´t wait for that. I usually get a good response with that.

Man yesterday I gave a talk and it was probably the worst thing that I have ever made before, even worse then when I made peanut butter by chewing peanuts and spitting them out. Yeah so I need to work on my talk giving skills in Portuguese, I am just not very good at making the stories make sense.

So yeah this last Sunday there was a huge strike that went on to try and impeach the president Dilma so that was fun. we went to church, went to lunch, and then went home and played cards we called it p-night it also gave us a good opportunity to pack for transfers. I guess that leads to my next subject, I am getting transferred tomorrow. yeah! I am going to just the next stake over but the best part is I am getting a Brazilian companion which will help a ton!

This last week I gained a new testimony of the importance of the 5th lesson, other churches have some of the sameish things in the first 4 lessons but none have anything of the 5th lesson. Man with this Maria lady we baptized we had the most spiritual lesson I have ever had teaching this lesson. It was super cool words just fell into my mouth. 
that lady that i am next to, her name is maria, man she is so cool every lesson she would just cry from the spirit being so strong i love this lady. she is going to be a super great member to this ward she was like why do i have to wait 2 weeks to get baptized i just want to now. she told us man when you walked in I just felt i needed what you had.
mom these are for you she is a daughter of an investigator and she gave them to me to give to you for day of the moms
(extra thoughts from Cameron)
the baptism retain rate is not very good in general here but it all depends on the mission. so far I have only 1 guy that we baptized that i am a little worried about all the others love going to church. Church is a thing that everyone just does in Brazil so it´s not that hard to just keep people going here in Brazil the hard part is to have the ward help them to actually progress in the ward. We are supposed to help the ward members help our new members out, which is super hard at times when you only have like 4 people in the ward willing to do that. If that happened the ward would be so much stronger. That is a problem here no one is willing to do anything unless they think it will benefit themselves.

all the food here is very basic but the juice man it is to die for! the other day some lady made a juice out of a coco pod (like the chocolate) man it was so dang good it was the best drink i have ever had!

 the bus system here works super well it is just expensive when you don´t have a steady income.

 well sorry to run but got to go by love ya!

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