Monday, March 30, 2015

well I have been adopted...

novo companheiro. Elder M. Sousa

So there is this awesome couple of 69 and 68 years of age and we have been teaching them for quite some time now. Their names are Antonio and Sueley. Antonio is the guy that we baptized.

nosso presidente estava aqui para nosso batismo! era muito legão ele duchou uma mensagem.

I love teaching them. At their house they just tell me, hey do you want food and I say no I´m fine and they say no you aren´t, I already made cake and tons of food that you are going to eat. Sueley says I need to get fat and she will help me with that. She is super hard core catholic but this last Sunday she finally went to church she seemed to love it. we are teaching her tomorrow. Her husband was baptized yesterday at church and man it went so well.

President wanted to visit our ward this last week and man was it a good week for him to visit. There were 10 investigators in church and a baptism. President gave a message at the baptism and Antonio´s família of 10 was all there and they all, except 3, said we could come over and teach them so that was super awesome.

I am loving working with my new companion Elder M. Sousa. Me and him get along super well and it is starting to get really easy to speak in Portuguese. We work super well together, it is really fun to work with him. I have started to dream in Portuguese, for some reason only mom speaks English, the rest of the family speaks Portuguese. I never knew you guys knew how. Why did you never tell me!
Well love you guys Bye

wow mountain!!!!! it is part of our area

oh man i forgot some very important info i guess. My companion is from Fortaleza. he is very fun to work with. It isn´t always quiet like all the other comp´s. My new area the only new thing I have seen is a huge catholic church and that mountain I sent to you.

um i don´t know anything else that has happened. President said he was super happy with the work I have been doing so that is cool. um that´s all I can think of sorry people (DAD)

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