Monday, March 23, 2015

sup my people!

So yes it is true I have been transferred. My new area is sooooo dang beautiful and it even has a little mountain kind of thing!!!! It is called pico jaragua if you want to look up my area. Man I love Brazil so much!

I was transferred to the area vista verde. my companion´s name is Elder M. Sousa he is from Fortaleza Ceará.

the new house we have is so freaking huge! it has a 3 car garage to start 2 refrigerators and 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and a huge kitchen and 2 big study rooms and a balcony that you can sit out on just looking at the city. man I like this house it is freaking nice.

Anyways, this last week was great! When I got to the new area there wasn´t any investigators because my comp and his previous comp are super trunky and didn´t do a lot. When I got here we opened up the area book and started lookin and prayin for some new investigators. We found this family of 3 girls that we went and taught and the lessons were so weird. We would explain stuff and then ask what we said and they would say what we explained then ask if I am single and talked about my eyes and wow how tall you are and man an American how cool, Yeah I am a little worried they do readings and went to church for the wrong reason. They told me they would only go to church if I sat by them. My companion won´t let it go, he is a little jealous. So we need to make sure they actually like the gospel of Jesus Christ and not just who´s talking about it. 
We also had a miracle from God this guy came to church alone and we went and talked to him and he was like yeah my friends always told me to visit this church but I never did but I decided to today. We gave him a  Book of Mormon and didn´t mark anything because we were in a run and went and visited him and he had already read like all of first Nephi. He was like yeah this is good stuff, I was catholic but lets be honest we all know that stuff isn´t true, they baptize babies there. He accepted a date for day 29 of this month. He was so well prepared by God before we got there. He has some health problem that makes it so he can´t drink coffee or beer or smoke so man he is just perfect. I also really love teaching him because they are old and so they are rich and have the culture of give food to anyone and everyone who enters into your house. I love how we are blessed when we are doing what we are supposed to. 
This ward is super cool we are always going on divisions with members to find even more people. The only downside of this ward is they always just give money for lunch so I have only had ramen and bread to eat for the last week... I know how to cook, I just don´t want to buy the stuff to make the food. I know mom sorry, I know not very healthy for me. 
I have been reading Mathew Mark and Luke for Easter and man I didn´t understand a ton of Jesus´s teachings before so many things I have missed out on. 
Well love you all sorry the quality of my letters is going down. Bye

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