Thursday, March 12, 2015

yo no hablo español

what happens to me when I don´t shave, I think it is almost as good as my dads

It´s kinda cool my companion is of a Bolivian blood line and because of that his whole family knows Spanish. Whenever we see a Bolivian on the street they always stop him and start talking Spanish to him it is kinda funny. It is cool because I can understand everything they are saying but I don´t know how to respond in Spanish.

So this last week we moved. It is a very sad thing that we moved. We are now living with the 4 secretaries of the mission and the 4 assistants so it is a little packed in the house. Hey but on the bright side I get to know and be friends with more missionaries! The house itself is really nice and big so there is no problem with room to sleep or anything it is just hard because we only get water every 2 days for 2 hours of that day. We have a box that fills up with water but with everyone there it runs out very fast. To shower in the house, when we have water you turn it on and off to get wet to soap up and on and off to rinse. There is also the showers we end up having to take with bottles of water, those are fun. Man you really start to realize how much you liked something so simple once you don´t have it anymore.  
This last week during weekly planing me and my companion did a super long companhieroship inventory. Man those things really help. We were having a few problems getting along but now everything is great between us, I am just sad we didn´t do this earlier in the transfer. These things really help, I have a new testimony of these. Because of this we have been able to teach much more with the spirit and are being a ton more productive. 

baptism of that kid in the striped shirt. His name is Filip he is super cool. 
We forgot to take a pic before the baptism so we just took it after. oops

I think we were blessed with this baptism that we had because of this. Here is the story with him. He used to go to church a ton then thought it wasn´t cool so stopped going. We taught and baptized his dad Vagner and this last Friday he said hey you know, I see how happy this church is making my dad and I want this happiness in my life as well. Then we had a super fast interview on Saturday and had the bishop baptize him on Sunday. It is really cool how much the gospel blesses lives and especially families. I have learned and still learning to just do things that we know we are supposed to do like with the companionship inventory thing. Sometimes I just don´t like doing a lot of things but when it is from the lord it will always be good.

look at that stud, future missionary right here!
Ok one more quick thought and then I will stop writing so you don´t have to waste anymore of your time reading. Our stake president told us this. He said with you wife you choose but your kids and your families are organized groups by God. He gave us our brothers and sisters. Everything he does he does for a reason and even in hard moments it will always be possible. I don´t know I just thought that was cool because families are hard for a lot of people but we can know they were organized by God and he doesn´t do anything without reason so all these difficulties all these families have are because we cause them.
That probably didn´t make much sense my stake president said it a lot better. Oh random but he was a 70 so it is super cool to talk to him when he talks in church the spirit is just super strong he is awesome.
well that´s all for this week love you all!     and especially you:) 
(see how i just made this letter seem personalized hahaha so smart)
 so yes we did move but we get one free bus ride every day to get to our area so we just walk there which takes like 1.5 hours and take the bus back i hope we find a house here soon

oh Brazil, how i love it here in the ghetto
 what i did today during p day, feeling like i was in NY.  This is all São Paulo city on a street called 25 de mars

we went to the big city to look around sorry not very specific

finally went on a subway now i can cross that off the bucket list

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