Friday, July 3, 2015

Man this last week was a super great week. I just learned so much!

the look of comfort
Man this last week was a super great week. I just learned so much! 

So at the beginning of the week everything was looking great our investigators Matheus, Ana Paula, Ludmilla, and Sara were all progressing super well. 

As always happens Satin decided to come in and work his magic and everyone just started falling. MatheusLudmilla, and Sara because of their parents and Ana Paula because a pastor visited her. 

It was Friday and we had nothing absolutely no one that we thought could be baptized on Saturday, and we had the idea to do a fast so that we could at least have one. So Friday night still didn´t look that good, but we went out super early Saturday morning to find someone. 

So yeah, you guys, fasting has a power and I have a new gained testimony of that power. We first went to the house of Matheus and his mom didn´t want him to do anything before and would never listen to us but today she said hey I don´t know why but I know what you guys have will be good for my son, we are moving to (she gave me the address) and I want you to pass the address of the church there to me so we can continue going there! Man I was just like, what just happened. 

The same with Ludmilla and Sara, but we marked it for next week because we haven´t been able to teach all the lessons yet. Even the mom of Ludmilla who would never even look at us let us teach her and the spirit was just so strong! 

Ana Paula told us her pastor told us we baptize people with fire and that is the only reason she was scared so we straitened that out very easily. 

So this last weekend we had the baptisms of Matheus and Ana Paula but I am kinda sad because we had to do a division on Sunday so I wasn´t able to be there for the Baptism of Ana Paula but oh well I guess. I will just have to get the picture. 


So we had this party at our church this last Saturday at night and it was so cool we got like 10 referrals from that party that are so cool. For that reason I love church activities!

Well that was my adventure for this last love you all so much! 

beijo na rosta Beijo na rosta!

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