Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Man this last week was just so dang spiritual!


Man this last week was just so dang spiritual!

So Elder Rebouças is awesome he reminds me a lot of my friend I worked with at the pool! We have so much fun together and at the same time do so much!

So this last week was my birthday and I will tell you what, 19 feels a whole lot like 18. I am happy that I can say that I am 19 years old now so I can sound a little older.

So we did a division on Friday night and I slept over and Saturday super early in the morning my awesome comp. called me and wished me happy birthday, he said "haha I had to be the first", man he is funny. So for my birthday we decided what better way to spend it then baptizing.

So the family of Sergio, Karine, Stephanie, and Mariana were baptized and one other girl named Marcely. It was so cool because everything just went so well for the baptism. Marcely´s mom (who was a less active) made me this super awesome chocolate cake I was only sad that I had to share it...  So it was probably one of the best days that I have ever had on my mission!

I just love everyone in this ward. Sunday bishop stood up in sacrament meeting and said to everyone, hey I know we have had some missionaries that weren't all that good but I testify that these missionaries are some of the best missionaries that have passed through this ward and you should all help them out with whatever they need. He pretty much gave a testimony about us. That night we got so many referrals!

Well that´s pretty much all the excitement for this week. love you all miss you all but don´t worry I am not too trunky.

Beijo na rosta!
Élder Messick!

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