Monday, July 13, 2015

These last couple days have just been flying by!

Man these last couple days I feel like have just been flying by. We seriously don´t have any free time. We are spending all of our time planning. It's funny though It seems like the more time you sacrifice the more miracles we have. 

So this last week we continued helping this family that was planning to get baptized this last Sunday, but long story short they were super excited but their son that is like 6´10´´ and huge came home and told us he would help us see God real soon if we took them to church with us. We decided that it was better to give it a couple weeks to see if he leaves before we go back there. It is a real shame how Satan works with the mind of some people. 

It is very cool though how amazing God is though. We were blessed this last week with a family that has been going to a different ward that doesn´t even have missionaries for the past few weeks and loved it. We went there and the mom said how she has been praying for help for a long time and when she saw us she knew we had what she needed. They all went to church this last week and are super excited to get baptized this Saturday and then go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Seriously an elect family. Oh names mom-Mariana daughters- Karina and Stephanie son- Sergio.

We also were just walking to an appointment super rushed and we passed this lady and didn´t even say anything to her but then my comp, bless him, said hey did you want to talk to her and I said lets go. She is a member already but was baptized like 8 years ago. She said she lost her faith and said, ok God today you send messengers or you don´t exist and then we showed up. She said she would return to church and that she wants us to teach her daughter Marcely as well. Her daughter is super cool, she reminds me a lot of Breanna!
So yeah lesson I learned this last week is that a lot of times when everything just falls through, God is just testing you to see if you are going to keep on trying or just give up. I feel like the mission is like a life training camp, I just love it.

Well love you all have a super great week!

(so hey sorry this internet won´t let me send pics, so here in like 3 months I will just have to send like a ton but don't worry I will keep on trying to figure out how I can send them)

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