Monday, July 27, 2015

at times I get a little trunky

Man so at times I get a little trunky and on Sunday I got a little trunky. So I went to another area that is super nice. Like I am use to these Brazilian style houses but we went to a super rich part and it was just like walking around Utah again. Man I forgot how nice it is to walk on a nice street with nice houses with a lawn without garbage everywhere. Man I got a little trunky but I will stop talking about that now to forget about it again.

Man so this last week I got super sick and that kinda messed up my week. My body got confused and instead of food going in the mouth it was coming out, silly body of mine. 

We still had a baptism but it was one that a less active came back and was like hey teach my kid and baptize him. So we did, his name is Caio. He is 10 years old. Man he was so dang excited. It is super cool to see and hear the faith of a young kid. They are so pure and amazing.

Sunday some guy asked us to give a summary of what we do to a "couple" people (it was all the bishops of the whole stake) man I sure am glad I prepared before but sad because my comp was sick so I did a division to go. Pretty much I felt like I was giving a lesson to people that were older and more experienced then me, I did not like it at all. 

So yeah that is all for this week! Love ya all.

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