Monday, August 10, 2015

Man it was super neat

Man it was super neat, this last week I went to some meeting with president and I think it was like the best meeting I have ever been to. Usually I think meeting and I think eww how boring but man it was soooooo good! 

President said that we should pay more attention when we pray if we are worthy of what we are asking and it really made me think. It made me laugh a little I didn´t really understand until this morning. We live with two other elders that are not to happy to be here on the mission and they always sleep in and crap like that and before they were leaving they prayed and asked God to help them find new elect investigators and that they could have the spirit to be with them. That was like a punch in the face I remembered what president said and it made me think a lot. I came to the conclusion that we do all we can first to receive help then once we can´t do any more we ask for help. Also that if I am not doing the little things how can I expect God to do big things for me. I thought that was really cool. 

José Carlos
So this last week was super cool. We have been teaching this guy named José Carlos for a super long time and I just love him, he is like a dad to me (don´t worry dad I haven´t replaced you). So he is a guy that has had a super hard life but finally he was able to leave all of his sins behind and be baptized! Man it was such a good baptism. 

That Saturday was crazy. Friday I slept over in another area to do some interviews and then Saturday morning we went to do a couple more then went to lunch in yet another area then went to do a couple interviews in that area as well. So it was about 5:00 and the baptism of José Carlos was marked for 6:00 and man I was freaking out because I was thinking there was no way to get the bus in time to get there. Man you guys, miracles are real. A member passed by us and was like hey elders why are you clear out here do you need a ride. We got there at like 6:10 but at least we weren´t super late. So yup I learned that if the Lord want´s you to do something he will provide a way to do it! 

Man I was thinking and by the end of this transfer I will only have 1 year left. AHHHH time passes so dang fast these last few months. Don´t worry mom I am not trunky but I do always debate who I will hug first when I get off the plane... 

Well love you all! BYE

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