Monday, August 24, 2015

The adventures of the mission

It is super funny during the week a ton of stuff happens but then when it comes time to type it all my mind just goes blank. 

So this last Sunday one of our members took our house keys to drop something off for us and we totally forgot about that so we walked home to get some stuff to go to a meeting with president and when we got there we were like, crap we don´t have the keys. So I switched my mind to robber mode... yeah that´s right we broke into our own house. So we asked one of the other people to let us in the first two door to get into the apt but then the hard part was getting into our apartment. So we went into the stair well and they have this tiny window that is like super skinny (good thing I am not fat). So we slid through that window and then stood on the ledge of the building and walked over to our window and luckily we left it open. It was a pretty fun adventure that I never want to do again.

So sorry this email will be short my comp got transferred and he is going to be assistant so we have to leave at 5:00 and he hasn´t packed yet so that is all I have for this week.

sorry mom don´t be mad at me. 

Love you!

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