Monday, August 17, 2015

This last week in our area went soooo well!

This last week in our area went soooo well! 

We had awesome lessons with all of our families this last week. 

There is this one family that is super cool. We were walking in the street one day and saw them playing in the street and me and my comp said we are totally going to baptize all of them, and after many lessons this last Sunday, this dream was made true! They were all baptized and it was so good! The only problem was we didn´t have enough jump suits to get baptized, so bishop (I love him) drove to another ward and got one more to use! 

So I am loving my companion so dang much, he is so cool! He is making me such a better person. I want to stay one more with him but I don´t think it will happen. I think I will stay here and he will leave. 

I am really liking being ZL but this last week it was super stressful. We have a couple missionaries that have a lack of desire to be here on the mission. It has been crazy. We did a ton of divisions with the missionaries in their area and it helped a little but all the people that we find and teach while on the division, they just let fall through. I am getting kida frustrated with them. It makes me think about how God probably feels when he gives us a gift or talent and we just let it go to waste. 

It is really strange sometimes I just start missing random things like this morning I was wanting mac and cheese so bad but oh well. 

The mission is strange but I just love it!

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