Monday, August 3, 2015

this letter will be short

Well sorry because this letter will be short. I know you are thinking they are always short but this will probably be even shorter. My time is running out. So this last week we had 2 of our investigators get baptized! I will talk a little about them

Wilson: He has been going to church for 8 years and we went to his house and gave a lesson of fire last week and this week we just taught about coffee because he didn´t want to give it up. He was baptized.

on Saturday and Sunday being testimony meeting everyone bore their testimony about how happy they were that Wilson finally got baptized. It was kinda pathetic but whatever.

Ketlynn: She is a daughter of some lady that moved here from the north about 2 months ago and she didn´t know where the church was. We ran into her out of luck and her daughter was there. She didn´t accept to be baptized so we brought her to Wilson's baptism just to watch and she said yeah that is what I want as well!

Well I feel like I have a ton to say today but I only have 3 minutes left on my computer and am out of money so, sorry more next week I guess. 

Love you all have a super duper week!

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