Monday, February 1, 2016

Well this last was super great!

Well this last was super great!

Gabriele was baptized! Her mom is a less active that now is re-activated, the baptismal service was super cool. Gabriele and her mom you could tell were feeling the spirit super strong, that family will be super firm in the church.

This last Saturday we went to the Campinas temple with our recent convert Gilson!!! It was super cool. I was able to have a neat experience where I entered into the baptismal font to baptize my companion then we switched and he baptized me! It was super cool and I was able to feel the spirit a ton! 

we went to the temple with our recent convert Gilson
My comp said we needed to take a picture being serious then he smiles normal!
Our recent convert Cleiton has been passing in his friends house with us and this last week he went to church with us! He is going to be baptized this next Sunday! Cleiton is inviting all of his friends to church and we were able to teach Otavio´s whole family and they said, "who knows Ottavio may convert us all to this church! The youth of this church are amazing! They are the best tool for us missionaries!

Next teusday will be transfers, I am hoping to leave but who knows what will happen. 

Oh the best part of this last week is that our shower got fixed! So now I don´t have to take freezing cold showers in the morning! WOOT WOOT

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