Monday, February 8, 2016

Oi Estados Unidos


some shoes that Cleiton's dad gave to me!

I miss cold. I never thought it would be possible to miss something like that but I miss it. I wake up and look at my bed and there is just a sweat mark where I was laying. it is gross. 

It is pretty sweet, when I take my shirt off I have tie tan line and where my name tag is, it is super funny!

I didn´t get transferred so that is sweet but tomorrow I will get a new comp named Elder Mac. 

This last Sunday we had the baptism of Otavio! It was super sweet, his parents felt the spirit super strong and their goal is to get married so they can get baptized as well! Also the baptism of Otavio happened at a youth camping trip!!! We got to baptize Otavio in a swimming pool!!! I am stupid and didn´t take any pics of the pool though. It was super neat though there were like 100 youth and his parents there to watch the baptism. It was one of the best baptisms ever!

our zone!
Well this last week we had leadership council and it was super sweet! I was able to learn a bunch of new stuff with President Farnes. I think it is crazy how much love he has for us! It made me think a lot and I realized that it is a gift that God gives to him, the same that he gives to us missionaries to love our investigators I think it is crazy, you hardly know these people you talk to but you just feel like you need to do everything for them! I was able realize a little better how Christ felt when I was working this last week. I thought man I am paying to walk in the hot sun being spit on having doors been shut in my face just because I am trying to help them. I only have to bare this for 2 years but the savior took it for 33 years! It makes me think, am I being grateful for the sacrifice that the savior made for me or am I shutting the door in his face. I am super grateful for these 2 years that I have to represent Christ and to feel a little of the pain that he felt. 

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