Monday, February 29, 2016

I've got worms!

Well after a couple of months loosing weight I finally went to the doctor and it turns out that I have a tapeworm!!! AHH! I kinda freaked out a little bit, I had this big worm living inside of me steeling all of my food, that thief! So I bought a super expensive medicine and killed that dang worm! Now I will probably get super fat though! I think I got the worm eating meat that wasn't cooked very well. Not going to lie though, it is a pretty sweet diet plan, you eat a freaking ton and still loose weight haha. 

Other then the worms this week was pretty good. My ear is better, so now I can hear again. 

We dropped the majority of our investigators this last week because they aren't going to church. I think everyone would get baptized and be Mormon if they didn't have to go to church, the problem is laziness.. Lesson #1 laziness is bad. 

I am really liking this zone. Today with a couple other elders we went to the mall. It was super fun but I didn't like it because it made me remember home which is bad!

well that´s all for this week love you all!

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