Monday, February 22, 2016

This last week was very fun!

This last week was very fun! 
I am really liking Elder Mac, he is super fun! I don´t think he likes me though, when he was sleeping today I tried to paint his toenail with white out, He woke up as I was taking the blanket off his feet and he laughed and said not this time. I felt guilty like a little kid when their mom finds them doing something they aren´t supposed to do ha ha. 
This last week we were working a lot with Junior, our recent convert. He is super awesome! He is going to serve a mission for sure! I love him so much! 
We are trying to work a little more with the less actives to re-activate them and baptize their friends! It is going pretty good, we have a pretty big teaching group so that is good that we usually never are lost with nothing to do. 
I got an ear infection and my comp got a super bad ingrown toenail so we decided after one day of working in pain to go to the hospital, that was this last Thursday but there aren't any good hospitals around here so they just told me to buy some ear drops that still as of now haven´t made any difference and they gave my comp pain medicine. We went to a place that does manicures for my comp and they cut his toenail for him, so yup, that´s right a beauty salon is better then a hospital here in this city... 
well that´s all I have for this week love you all and remember to STUDY the book of Mormon!

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