Monday, February 15, 2016

When we put God first everything else we need will all work out!

 04-Feb-2016 – Conselho de Liderança, Barueri
I am always in the back #tallproblems

My new companion arrived safe and sound this last Tuesday! His name is Elder Mac, He is from Guatemala! He is a pretty quiet person but is super awesome! He is really funny! He really likes soccer shirts. I am going to re-learn Spanish with him, it is super hard to differentiate Spanish from Portuguese though! 

This last week was super great! On Tuesday at the transfers there were two buses one that brought the missionaries from São Paulo and another that brought the luggage. The only problem is that the one that was bringing the luggage got lost! So we waited and waited and waited a little bit longer until it finally got there. We got home super late so we weren't able to work that day which was a bummer. 

Other then that though the week was great! Cleiton that was baptized a couple weeks ago is super firm in the church! I am super happy for him! He is even inviting all of his friends to go to church as well, he is going to be a great missionary! 

Gilson is going to the Temple this next Saturday again to do baptisms! He said, "this time I want to baptize 15 people though, last time I only got to do 5", I love Gilson he reminds me a lot of my dad. I think that you guys will get to know him as well, he is already learning English and saving up to visit me and my family here in 1 year! So mom, Uh, Here in a year or so there might be a Brazilian living with us or in the motor home for a couple weeks.
I am starting to get good! My leg always hurts after though.

that face of concentration though

Today I did more slack line! I am getting good at it, it was cool as we were doing it today a bunch of kids came up and wanted to try so we took advantage and got all their addresses and told them to go to church! We are doing slack line to try and get a good friendship with the other elders in our zone and because it is super awesome! I started to try and jump today but then I got the impression that I should wait until after the mission to do that in case I fall and break my back.

Well love you all and remember, when we put God first everything else we need will all work out!

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